To inquire about or order any item offered on this site, please email with your request. Include the name of the item, the size you wear in both suits and shirts. Include any other informatkon that will make sure the harness is fitted properly for you. We will ask you any other sizes or measurements needed. You can also request changes in the item (such as color of the leather or hardware).

We can also design or help you design an original harness or accessory that fits your style and needs. Email your ideas and requests and you will be provided with an estimate in cost as well as timeline of completion.

Contact info such as address and phone number can be provided once a customer realtionship is established and order is placed.




If you are interested in purchasing an existing design shown on this site as is, you maybe able to order that item on the e4ic Design stores on (link provided on the link page). On occassion, a special lower price may be offered. Not all items available on this site are available on those sites. If the item you are interested in is only on this site, your payment option is listed below.



Payment is made after the customer is sent (by email or text) a signed, legally binding contract from E4E Gear. This contract will legally protect the customer from fraud, neglect or incompetence. The order is started only after payment is received. The agreed timetable for completion starts for that point.

Payments are made through Paypal, Google Wallet or cash. Free adjustments and repairs are made for the first 30 days after the shipping date. If the adjustment is due to a manufacturing error or defect, shipping costs will be our responsibility. After 30 days, resizing and repairs will be provided with an agreed, appropriate cost. Refunds are provided only if the item or it's quality doesn't meet the expectations expressed at the time the order was placed.

Please feel free to inquire about any other questions you may have. Our goal isn't just to provide you with a product, it's to make sure you are happy with the product we provide.